domenica 18 maggio 2014

Melloblocco 2014

Two weeks ago I'm in Val Masino for the eleventh edition of Melloblocco .
Thursday I'm in Bagni Masino , where I climb easy boulder in a wonderful place . It's so nice walking alone in the middle of the wood . When start rain I come back in the camping .
In the evening I watch the movie Zembrocal about Ile de Reunion and the life of Caroline Ciavaldine , a strong French climber , born in that island . After the beautiful movie Cerro Torre about the life of David Lama and the history of this mountain .
Friday the weather it's not so good and I can only take photo of the other climbers .
In the evening I watch the slideshow of Stephan Glowacz in the Baffin Island . After the slideshow of the athletes of team Adidas Sachi Amma from Japan and Mayan Smith Gobat from New Zeland . In the end of the evening the movie of Adam Ondra in Norway .
Saturday morning finally the sun dry the wet boulders and I can climb in the beautiful Val di Mello , this time I'm not alone but between thousand of climbers from every part of the Europe .
In the afternoon I need to come back at home .
Thanks to all people I have meet in these days and a big thanks to organizers of this beautiful event .
Val Masino see you next year !

venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Chamonix 2013

Tree weeks ago I'm in Chamonix for the European Championship , after four hour of drive from my home .
Saturday in the Semifinal I can watch only Ramonet and Marcovich and in the afternoon I reach the camping
in Argentiere .
In the evening , in the shadow of the Mont Blanc , beautiful Final Round and the winner is the local Romain Desgranges .
For the women it's a great pleasure for me the victory of the russian Dinara Fakhritdinova .
After Award Ceremony fire work and great party in the place of Mont Blanc .
Sunday morning little bouldering session in Col Montets with the view of the mountain of Glacier d'Argentiere .
In the afternoon it's time to come back at home .

domenica 13 maggio 2012

Melloblocco 2012

Last week end I'm in Val Masino for the ninth edition of the Melloblocco .
Cause the bad weather , in two days , it's not possible for me touch the beautiful granite of the valley . But a despite of the rain I have two funny days .
Saturday afternoon I'm in the middle of the party of slovenian friends . From this blog , I want say a great thanks to all slovenian , so friendly with me and to Philippe Ribiere for the picture . An amazing sunset close the party .
In the evening I can watch Ramon Julien Puiblanche and Sasha DiGiulian climb the roof of the gym . It's so exciting for me !
After I meet my prefered champion Anna Sthor and Nalle Hukkataival and I watch beautiful movie until midnight .
Sunday afternoon Award Ceremony with the world Champion Alexey Rubtsov , in the third picture , winner
in the men with Michele Caminati and Antony Gullsten .
In the fourth picture the winner in the women , from the left Shauna Couxey , Barbara Zangerl , Ekaterina Andreeva , Aleksandra Balakireva , Natalya Vasilenko and Irene Bariani .